Crime Research and Analysis Foundation:

Crime Research and Analysis Foundation (CRAF) is a non-profit Organization primarily based on online crime investigation formed by a group of young committed people at 2017 earlier through a Facebook based closed public group raising the objectives to create awareness on:

  • Social Media/Social Networking behavior
  • Understanding ICT act of Government of People’s republic of Bangladesh
  • Cybercrime Investigation (Collaboration with Bangladesh Police)
  • The effective technical investigation
  • Proper technical documentation
  • Effective research report towards the Law enforcement authority

Simultaneously CRAF wants to equip all the Law enforcement team gradually for technical investigation through proper technical training.

Our Mission:

  • Creating Awareness among youngsters on Safe Cyber
  • Helping cyber crime victims (mentally & legally)
  • Experiencing digital forensics

Our Vision:

  • Securing Cyberspace
  • Introducing “Cyber Aware Cell” around the 64 districts of our country
  • Collaboration Mass People & Law enforcement agencies on common interest

CRAF’s Strengths:

In between CRAF has made own resources for online crime investigation. Crew members are equipped for any sort of incident management CRAF Lab’s cyber security knowledge, experience, and intelligence through innovative training programs. The course is suitable for employees who take part in response to the occurring information security incidents. Participants will learn the principles of building the correct response framework and will gain knowledge on the most effective mitigation strategies leading to faster resolution of the incidents. The course will provide guidance for each step of the comprehensive incident response and will help to build strong in-house expertise.

However, CRAF has solved more than 2000 cases and investigated some national level of critical cyber crime using their Digital Forensics Lab through the court order. Now CRAF is developing open source intelligence software to identify fake social media accounts on social media that used for fake news and political attacks.