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Creating Awareness among youngsters.


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Dhanmondi, Dhaka- 1205

Background to the Cyber Crime & Social Crime In Bangladesh:

Bangladesh is rising currently in IT sector with unpredictable density in the country of more than 17 crore people. More than 7 crore people are using mobile and nearly 5 crore people are using the internet. People are also depending on digital economy gradually.

In the current era of online processing, maximum of the information can be found easily in online and can be used as a media to cyber threats. We face many cyber threat issues which were targeted to top corporate and financial institutions. “Wanna Cry” and “Ransom ware” can be noted here as the two best examples of corporate cyber threat where a hacker hacked your systems and locked it until you pay them the persons or the groups demanded ransom.

Besides these, we find financial as well as social threats like hacking personal Face book accounts, blackmailing using nude photos, digital bullying, bkash/ mobile banking account hacking and credit card forgery even Using social sites to provoke rape, suicide and a uncountable number of illegal actions. Most of the people become the prey of digital crime due to unawareness. But this can’t be going forever. To protect people as well as aware the digital users, to prevent cybercrime build CRAF- Crime Research and Analysis Foundation, a totally non-profit organization. Our research team as well as the foundation members solved numerous cases and help the respective victims legally with the help of proper authorities and law enforcement agencies. Still, there lie possibilities to face the crimes and to prevent them, to establish a crime free digital space we need to aware the youths as well as users of the digital platform. Our team works 24/7 to achieve this goal.

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